Monday, May 12, 2008

A Great Nor'easter

A huge low pressure system roared up the Atlantic Coast yesterday, dumping buckets of rain and lashing our area with 30-mph winds. We've had six inches of rain since last Thursday. Trees are toppling, and some of our garden plants are have trouble staying upright.

The winds last night felled these pea plants from their trellis.

Some of the fava beans were in a prone position as well. Rhubarb stalks were snapped. A very tall garlic plant also lost its footing.

This reminds me of a storm a couple of years ago that flattened a bed of very tall amaranth and sunflowers.

Nature will do as she pleases, and there's nothing to be done about it.


Magic Cochin said...

Cripes! Is it heading across the Atlantic next?

We're basking in a mini heat-wave here! In a few weeks we'll realise that this was summer 2008!!!


Ed Bruske said...

Celia, we've been experience both heat waves and cold waves--and a lot of rain. It makes planting difficult sometimes.