Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You, Nurse

The Slow Cook has been named to something called "100 Food Blogs to Inspire Your Healthy Eating," sponsored by Nursing School

I am ashamed to say I had never heard of this organization before. It sounds like a place you go to find a nursing school. Among other benefits, however, is a listing of food blogs that leads you here.

But wait. Listen to what they say about The Slow Cook under the "Green Eating" category: "While this food blog isn’t all about super healthy choices, it does encourage readers to reject fast food and more processed foods by taking back control of the food we eat and the pace of our own lives."

What? Not super healthy? I wonder if they're referring to my wife's uncontrolable cheese nachos habit. Or if they just don't like unhomogenized whole milk, grass-fed Delmonico steaks or home-made pork sausage. I wonder if these nurses are some of those "Diet Dictocrats" Sally Fallon talks about. (There's a separate category for raw and macrobiotic. Yuck.)

Anyway, we are thrilled to see The Slow Cook included with some of our favorite food blogging pals, Bonnie at Ethicurean, Charlotte at Great Big Vegetable Challenge, Christa at Calendula and Concrete, Beth at Figs, Bay, Wine, Joanna at Joanna's Food.


Julia said...

Congratulations on great recognition! Though I would venture to say (and disagree with the nurses) that your style of eating is healthy eating! All natural, unprocessed food is leaps and bounds healthier than the "fat free" processed food that has tons of sugar and chemicals to make it taste "good." I bet you enjoy your food more, eat more slowly, eat more vegetables... and therefore eat less, and your body probably processes it better!

Deb said...

Hehe...the good nurse has obviously not read Nina Planck's "Real Food". Which, by the way, I found at the local library today while my two younger kids were picking out a mountain of books. I can't wait to read it, but at the same time I think it will be preaching to the choir for me. My breakfast today: fresh picked kale and spinach sauteed in butter, with two organic eggs added after the greens had cooked down, cooked so the whites were set but yolks still runny. Yum!

Ed Bruske said...

Julia, I don't want to give the nurses a hard time. Their heart is in the right place. But I am coming to question some of the basic precepts of the nutrition information the medical establishment has embraced. You're right, I am enjoying my food a lot and feeling very healthy.

Deb, I went back and read Nina Planck's book again with a highlighter pen and page markers. It now looks like an ad for Post-it. Your breakfast sounds like something I could easily dive into.

Meg Wolff said...

Hi Ed,
I was going through my emails after being away and read Thank You, Nurse. I found my blog listing, Becoming Whole ... Life In Balance under "Raw & Macrobiotic" which are kind of the opposite as 90% of what I eat is cooked and Macrobiotic. But, whatever, like you I thought their hearts were in the right place. That said, I would not have liked it either if they had said my blog was unhealthy. I follow a macrobiotic diet and do not consider it "yuck" (thanks, Ed, I'm not taking this personal). I do not eat animal products myself, but don't feel that this is for everyone, though for now feel this is right for me. And, I read your blog and appreciate and like what you are doing. So please don't throw mud, or compost. :-0
p.s. Aside from this I am noticing that men have no qualms in taking their shirts off when the weather is warm ... I think of you every time I see one do this (after reading a previous blog post of yours). It's hilarious.
p.s.s. Please visit my blog as I think you would find that we have a lot in common when it comes to veggie, bean & grain recipes, home-made, non-processed, educating kids, farmers' markets, gardens, etc.

Ed Bruske said...

Meg, now I feel like a real heel for not noticing your blog under "raw and macrobiotic." You have a great story, and I feel bad that between all the garden organizing, teaching, volunteering, blogging, etc. I've been really bad about reading other blogs. Maybe what I should do is subscribe to your blog so it is right there in front of me.

Anyway, thanks for setting me straight Meg. I think what the issue is, there are multiple definitions of what is healthy floating around. More power to you...

Meg Wolff said...

Hi Ed,
I agree, there are many definitions of what is healthy floating around.
Keep up the organizing, teaching, volunteering, and blogging!
One of these days (after I read my newly purchased Blogging For Dummies) I'll figure out had to add a subscribe feature to my blog. Thanks, Ed.

Ed Bruske said...

Meg, very often the maker of your blog software will host a discussion board where you can quickly find out how to install a subscribe feature.