Monday, April 14, 2008

This Spud's for You

The first potato plant of the season has been sighted. Ain't she a beauty?


El said...

Wow! And I was feeling giddy at spotting my first tulip!

You guys are so much warmer than we are...I listen to WAMU pretty often and always freak out when they post the temperatures (as I am really only half listening while I work) and I think, wow, it's 68* out? Yeah, El, in Washington!!

Ed Bruske said...

El, my wife has been complaining all winter that we never got any snow. Not a real snow. She'd been hoping for some kind of snowstorm that would knock the city back on its heels. We haven't had anything like that in several years now, and I always get a charge out of looking at your blog and others from that part of the country where a real winter seems to be taking place. Yes, things are much milder here and we should be taking better advantage by growing more food.