Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Gardening

I spent most of my Sunday taking advantage of spring-like weather to work in the garden--preparing beds, mulching and planting seeds. Apparently I gave the impression that this was so much fun that daughter, home from a long bike ride with Mom, came running over to join me. "Where I can I plant my garden, Dad?" she wanted to know.

I sent her inside to fetch the seed packets and she carefully searched through the flowers and decided she would plant Sweet William. So we marked off an area in the soon-to-be bean bed and she did all the work herself--reading the instructions on the seed pack, fluffing the soil, making little holes and planting the seeds. Here she is smoothing everything over. She then ran off to fill the watering can.

Only fellow parents will fully appreciate what a turnaround this is for a child who normally would be impossible to dislodge from her seat in front of the computer. Is this just spring fever? Or could it be we have a junior gardener in the family? Dad would be ever so grateful for an extra pair of hands.


IDO said...

Like yourself, spring like days are very motivating for our family. I love planting a garden, working the soil, planting the seeds and seedlings, but I detest weeding. And isn't it just wonderful when the little ones get excited about it too! We have 3 grandchildren, and they are just like little sponges wanting to know everything about everything...LOL

FoodGuru said...

I don't know about you but I was thinking of doing some planting but thought it was to soon...we got frezzing rain and snow this morning and all day. I hope your weather stayed nice. It would suck if you got this weather after planting seeds.

Flower gyrl said...

My cool kid gardening moment came this weekend too.

We have a compost bin, generally full of worms. My 9-year-old used to be revolted and scared of the worms, but through many explanations of why worms are good and watching my pleasure when finding worms in our beds, something seems to have shifted for her.

While digging around this weekend she came upon a worm. Rather than cringe or scream, she calmly pointed it out, picked it up with her bare fingers (wow!) and moved it a safe place.

Ed Bruske said...

IDO, I can't wait for daughter to take up weeding. Although I have to say, I don't hate it so much. Anything that gets me closer to the ground is a good thing.

FG, seeds don't mind the cold, even if it's freezing. And remember, they still have to sprout before the plants are exposed to any cold. Check your seed packets: Many are recommended for planting before the last freeze date. I'm shooting for a last freeze date here in the District of Columbia of April 1. But the way things are going, I don't think we'll have another serious freeze.

100% beeswax candles said...

Wow! Real nice! Having the kids help in the garden allows them to appreciate it when it starts to grow. And it's nice bonding time.

Ed Bruske said...

Flower Gyrl, we started a worm bin at my daughters school and the reactions ranged from squeels of delights to shreiks of sheer terror. Most kids learn to love worms and are anxious to handle them. I think the worms would rather be left alone. Worm composting is a great project.

Beeswax, I am looking forward to my daughter getting more involved in the garden. It would be great to have something we can work on together throughout the season.

Garden Mad said...

I would love to have some help in the garden - some company would be the next best thing, but my children think I am about to ask them to do something dangerous at any moment - like dig!
They do occasionally take an interest and at least they no longer think potatoes grow on trees.