Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Soon for Potatoes?

Just a few days ago it was starting to look like spring around our kitchen garden here in the District of Columbia, about a mile from the White House. I was able to get out and sow spinach and fava bean seeds. And today my seed potatoes are scheduled to be shipped from Maine. But somehow I think planting them may yet be a while off. (It's supposed to hit 60 degrees later in the week.)


Magic Cochin said...

OMG Ed!!!! You can start chitting your spuds when they arrive. And maybe start a few off in sturdy black plastic bags (used seed compost bags) in a cool store room.

Around here THE DAY for spud planting is Good Friday. Which is a variable date, but when you think about it is always about the same phase of the moon - so maybe the old gardeners were practicing biodynamic gardening before it had a name ;-)

Looks like hearty soup weather to me!
Best wishes

Ed Bruske said...

Celia,you read my mind. I was planning to spread my new seed potatoes in front of the living room window and get them sprouting while we wait for a suitable planting date, usually around St. Patrick's Day here (March 17).

samantha said...

Its an ill wind thats blowing away all plans for spudding the earth! But yes warmer weather is in store. In the meantime its gonna be soup time - hot consommé and warm croissants - let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!