Thursday, June 7, 2007

Brassica Rescue

I was out early this morning salvaging what I could of my crops of greens. This must be the first year that I've planted so many spring brassicas, because I don't remember my yard being awash in yellow, four-petaled flowers before.

I planted my greens mid-March and the big disappointment is, I hardly had a chance to use them. Well, there was a lot. Too much for just our family for sure. Still, I hate being without some of our favorites, such as arugula and mizuna. Yet there they all are, bolting like mad.

I had to toss a ton of radishes that were already tough and woody. What a shame. Hopefully, they will be happier in the compost heap.

I checked the seed packet from Johnny's Seeds to remind myself what the planting dates were. According Johnny's, mizuna should be good to plant "early Spring through mid-Summer." Well, I've got news...

Last year, I had beautiful mizuna and arugula. But that must have been the stuff I planted in September. Apparently, I need to get to work a bit earlier in the year. But the weather has been very fluky around here--balmy in January, then record lows in April.

What I did manage to harvest was a big bowl of Osaka purple mustard and some lovely Pink Lettucy Mustard. I gave them both a deep soaking in the kitchen sink. Then I'll move them to a big pot of salted boiling water. When they're tender, I'll give them a course chop, toss them with a cooked grain such as quinoa or brown basmati rice and season with sherry vinegar, perhaps, and some extra virgin olive oil.

This makes a fine breakfast.


Magic Cochin said...

Hi Ed - I've just discovered your blog (via your comments on The Great Big Vegetable Challenge).
I love foraging around my veg patch - when there appears to be nothing much there, I usually find something edible and necessity is often the mother of the invention of a fantastic dish. Last night for supper we had broad bean topshoots cooked with mangetout peas served with rice and chicken cooked very slowly in a Le Creuset cast iron pot with onion, mushroom and chickpeas flavoured with chopped savoury.
Love your blog - I'll be back.

Ed Bruske said...

Whoa, that sounds like a great dish, magic cochin. And you're right, finding something in the garden that needs to be eaten NOW does tend to spur one on. Sometimes just weeding in the garden turns up dinner...