Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock Film

No sooner had I posted the recipe for cole slaw (see below) than I received an e-mail from a documentary film maker in Atlanta informing me that there is a film about the life of Edna Lewis and her relationship with Scott Peacock.

Peacock and Ms. Lewis collaborated on The Gift of Southern Cooking, in which I discovered Peacock's ingenious technique for making cole slaw that does not swim in a pool of mayo.

Here is the first e-mail:

Hello- I just came across your blog The Slow Cook. Your recipes are excellent. I appreciate your understanding of the basic foods and how to cook them in a healthy manner.

I'm a documentary maker in Atlanta. I wanted you to know I've produced an award winning documentary about the life of Edna Lewis and her relationship with Scott Peacock.

You can find out more at my website

There is also a link to a Georgia Public Television site where you can view the documentary in its entirety.

barash productions,

After I replied, saying I thought making the film must have been difficult, since Ms. Lewis' family did not approve of her live-in relationship with Scott Peacock, who became her caretaker, I received this follow-up e-mail.

The documentary was a terrific experience and also a challenge. I was working with Scott and Miss Lewis but had almost no contact with the family because of the rift.

I visited Miss Lewis once a week for over a couple of years but was only able to video tape her myself a couple of times because she was quite frail by then - 2003-2004.

Because of that the story is somewhat limited. But being an old hand at story-telling on TV (19 years at CNN) I worked with what I had. At least you get the food, black history, racism, post-war New York, aging and caregiving and transgenerational strains in what I was able to put together.

I'd love to have your feedback when you have a chance.

So do go to that website, people, and do watch the film. Send along your feedback. It's bound to be a great story.

(The photo of Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis above, taken by Bill Osinski, comes from the David Lebovitz website, where there is a note saying it was forwarded by Scott Peacock and that it was "their favorite." Edna Lewis died last year at the age of 89.)


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you've written "Scott Peterson" in place of "Scott Peacock" numerous times in the post. I'm not trying to nitpick--but I don't think you want people looking for convicted felons on your lovely blog! :-)

Ed Bruske said...

Thanks, bettyjoan. I was in a bit of a hurry when I wrote that (trying to wrap up things here before I have to fly to Anguilla) and realized my error after I'd driven away from the house to run a bunch of errands. I was hoping to get back before anyone notice. Alas, someone noticed. It was a senior moment I guess, but thanks for sounding the alert.

Lindy said...

I went to high school with Scott in Hartford, Alabama, and couldn't be prouder of his accomplishments. I wish him continued success and still have the Rutles album he dug out of a FSU bargain record bin for me in 1982.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it has anything to do with the Scott Peterson incident, but your link to watch the Peacock/Lewis documentary is a medical prescription site of some kind. Just thought you'd like to know, because I was kind of looking forward to this documentary.