Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lawns into Vegetable Gardens

Food & Wine magazine this month awards an "Eco-Epicurean" award to architect Fritz Haeg, who has been bringing an artist's eye to transforming front yards into vegetable gardens.

In 2005, the Salina Art Center in Salina, Kansas, asked Lang to contribute to its show on food and society. Lang's response was to turn the front yard of a local family's home into a vegetable garden, complete with corn, okra and herbs. He called it, "Edible Estate."

Since then, Lang has established three more edible estates in Los Angeles, New York and London. The garden in London was commissioned by the Tate Modern.

Haeg places his gardens not among hippies or tree huggers, but in neighborhoods where they are guaranteed to provoke a strong reaction (as where people are obsessed with property values, perhaps?)

The Edible Estates manifesto at Haeg's website states: "Edible Estates is an attack on the American front lawn and everything it has come to represent.
Edible Estates reconciles issues of global food production and urbanized land use with the modest gesture of a domestic garden."

"I want kids to see these gardens and start to ask questions about where their food comes from," Haeg says.

A book about Edible Estates is scheduled for publication next year.

The Slow Cook is starting to feel even more proud of his own front-yard vegetable garden. Could it be that we are simply ahead of the curve?


susan harris said...

Probably, and in more ways than one. Probably also behind the curve in other areas. I can't see you hanging out right on the curve.

Ed Bruske said...

Thanks for putting that idea in my head, Susan. Now I'll be trying to think of all the ways I'm beind the curve. Too many...

Anthony said...

I love this idea and I'm surprised that with all the Live Earth hoopla going on that no one has suggested an updated version of the Victory Garden.

Different light bulbs and fuel economy are important but I agree with Haeg that we should be educating our children about where our food comes from.

Janet said...

Wow, what beautiful gardens that
Fritz has designed. Maybe yours
could look like those. Remember
your mantra for catering.


Ed Bruske said...

Anthony, I second that emotion. Kids love working in the garden and harvesting their own food. The hardest part getting over is the inertia on the adult end.

Janet, someday, we hope...

Marta said...

I am a Kensington, MD native and now I want a garden in my front yard. I support you and what you stand for. I stand with you. THANKS!

Pattie said...

Ed: I have been following that Edible Estates story for awhile and I love it, too. I just started working with my homeowners association. Could edible lawns in my tidy little 'hood be next?

Anthony: See my blog for the FoodShed Planet Victory Garden Drive! It just kicked off this week! Goal: 2 million NEW organic gardens by the end of 2008!