Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Today I am taking my daughter to the Fourth of July parade in Takoma Park, MD, our nearest "Nuclear Free Zone" and also site of an "Impeach Bush" meet-up.

Although we are sympathetic to the meet-up, we will not be attending, just spectating somewhere on the parade route and watching for the local lawn mower brigade.

Then it's back to the kitchen to get ready for about two dozen of our closest friends who are helping us celebrate with burgers, dogs, Caesar salad and sweet potato salad. We will then squeeze through the crowds that typically gather here in the Columbia Heights neighborhood and head over to our friend Darren's apartment overlooking the whole damn city but more importantly the Washington Monument where the fireworks display is mounted.

Besides having several windows and balconies with a panoramic view of the fireworks, Darren puts out a mean dessert buffet, with all manner of ice cream bars and cake and such.

So there will be no blogging today. Go be with your family. Think good thoughts about the future of this country of ours...

Here, some images of July 4 in peace-loving Takoma Park:

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susan harris said...

Great pictures, and what a fun event it was!