Monday, September 17, 2007

Whole Foods Does 180 on Farm Flooding

Much better than I, Samuel Fromartz at the Chews Wise blog has reported comprehensively on the disastrous flooding of organic farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin and how Whole Foods has acknowledged acting too quickly when it cancelled orders for produce from the afflicted areas.

Whole foods initially placed an embargo on produce from the flooded farms over concerns that crops may have been contaminated with pathogens from overflowing rivers and streams. Subsequently, a Whole Foods purchasing manager from Chicago flew to the scene for an on-the-ground inspection. Whole Foods reversed the moratorium and is contributing at least $25,000 to a local farm support group.

Most of the affected farmers did not have crop insurance and for some the losses reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those on higher ground were luckier, but some may not be around next year.

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