Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yesterday's Breakfast

Sliced Brandywine tomatoes from the garden with pesto sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Preparation time: About three minutes.

Shopping: none

Tomato production in the garden is in full force. What happens to all the tomatoes? Mostly, we just eat them. Fresh. Any way we can. It's almost an axiom of seasonal foods that when the food is in season, you just keep eating it until the season is over. I never get tired of juicy, ripe tomatoes. I can't imagine getting tired of tomatoes. And I don't cook with these tomatoes. They are too good. Any way sliced, sauced, seasoned with a little salt, a little extra-virgin olive oil, maybe a cheese of some kind and some basil leaf and you have a meal.

The pesto and the mozzarella cheese were already in the fridge, just waiting for some tomatoes to come along.

Tomatoes make a great sandwich, breakfast, lunch or dinner. And they are extremely good for you. Tomatoes are full of lycopenes, the agent that makes them red. Studies have shown that tomatoes, and the lycopenes they contain, help ward off a variety of cancers, especially lung and prostate cancer.

are best absorbed with a little fat, so don't be shy with the olive oil.

Above all, eat more tomatoes.