Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gotta Have More Giblets

Among the responses to yesterday's item on chicken giblets was an e-mail from my aunt Barb upbraiding me for my lack of backbone where giblets are concerned. But let's not put too fine a point on it. She called me a "woos." Furthermore, she passed along a treatment for chicken parts that I thought was good enough to print for other readers. To wit:

Chicken parts are WONDERFUL! The cook that served (uncle) Bill's family when he was growing up had a fabulous recipe that we all love. She wouldn't give me the recipe, but her husband, Alex, gave it to me - leaving out a few things that I figured out after trying it. It's a dish for "poor folks", Alex told me, but we all loved it.

This is for 4-6 servings:

12 gizzards

12 wings

1 lb chicken livers

12 necks and hearts, as available

In soup pot, put gizzards and wing tips with onion and celery tops and peppercorns. Cook until gizzards are soft. (About 1 hour) Save broth, put gizzards aside, toss the wing tips and recycle the veggies.

In very large frypan (I use my electric one) heat 4 T oil or butter. Coat wings and necks with flour and fry them, turning them once. Season as you wish. I use Lawrys and garlic powder. Chop 2 large onions and add to pan. You shouldn't need any more oil/butter, as you should have sufficient chicken fat. Turn heat down so onions brown, but do not burn. Add chicken livers (no flour) and cook until they are cooked through. Add gizzards and enough broth to make a slurry gravy.

Cover and heat for 15 minutes on very low heat. Add more broth as necessary. Serve over brown rice.

Now, Ed, I have a feeling you will never try this, but you're missing a fabulous bet. Even though it is not heart healthy, it is so delicious, you will groan with mad pleasure while eating it.

Maybe you can get friends to donate their liver, neck. wings and giblets to you and then come over for dinner.

So, readers, how do you fix your giblets?


Jenny said...

I don't fix them ... ever. They give me the willies.

Ed Bruske said...

Jenny, I'm sure you're not alone. Some of us are just crazy enough to love this sort of thing.