Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breakfast: Beans & Barley

Actually, the leftovers from a recent cholent, our favorite Jewish pot roast. A pot of cholent makes a lot of beans and barley, infused with all the wonderful beef flavors.

Not exactly heart-healthy, but unctuous, earthy and very satisfying.

I could easily see a poached egg nested in there in place of the parsley.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Shopping: none

Calories: don't want to think about it, but a great way to start a cold February morning.


Joanna said...

Ed, I love news of your breakfasts .... they're just like mine, and I get a lot of flak from my family for being "odd". This morning I breakfasted on (leftover) lemony/syrupy butterbeans. Fabulous ... your beans and barley look wonderful, especially first thing ;)


I Heart Kale said...

Ed, Sephardic Jews cook whole unpeeled eggs in the cholent, which is delicious. Just throw them in at the beginning and they'll end up cooked and delicately flavored.

Ed Bruske said...

Joanna, you and I are on the same page. I always thing of you when I do these breakfast pieces. Usually the drill is, I open the fridge and see what's in there that nobody else in the family is going to eat. That's my breakfast. And often my lunch, too.

ILK, I can easily see cooking an egg in there. But for four hours? Or, in the case of the original cholent, 12 hours? What do you think?

I Heart Kale said...

Ed, I've only had eggs in the slow cooker version of cholent, so if you do yours on the stovetop I'm not sure how it'll work. My dad leaves them in for the whole cholent-cooking period (in the winter, that's from about 5 pm Friday to somewhere between noon and 1 pm on Saturday). This is a good reminder for me to post our slow-cooker cholent recipe...