Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Farmers Market -- It's 36 Degrees

If it's Sunday, it must be time for crab cakes at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market here in the District of Columbia.

Farmers markets aren't just for produce anymore. You can walk around nibbling to your heart's content. Cookie, anyone?

In years past, I would brave the cold to find a handful of vendors at the Dupont Circle market and even fewer customers. Something has definitely happened. These days, no matter the temperature, no matter if a viscious wind is trying to take a nip out of your ears, the market is packed. Here's the line in front of one of the vegetable vendors.

The problem isn't a lack of vendors any more. It's waiting in line to buy your groceries. And some of the vendors are especially popular. Here's the line of people waiting to buy fresh yogurt.

And here's the line of people waiting to purchase bread and pastries.

There are also more "value-added" products than ever, it seems. Here's a whole variety of apple sauces and preserves. Five dollars buys you a quart jar.

One farmer was even selling canned peaches. Come to think of it, canned peaches are really good, if memory serves. What a genius idea, like a blast from the past.

One of the weekly displays is the goat cheese lineup offered for tasting. Here's one slathered with peach-jalapeno jam.

Another farmer fancies himself an expert on hot sauce.
This vodka sauce at another stand was awfully good. Big plates of bread were set out for dipping.

You can always count on the mushroom lady to put out a great display. This reminds me that I must arrange a visit. I'd like to see how she grows all these beautiful fungi.

Over the summer I paid $5 for a head of broccoli. How does $3.50 for a quart compare?

It is very nice looking broccoli, but a little rich for me.


Kars said...

Had to smile! Dupont is certainly an addiction, whatever season.

Maureen said...

Hmmm..I didn't know they were open in winter. Sounds like a fun Sunday. I miss the JFX in the winter...

lacochran said...

Great photos. Reminds of a trip to a farmer's market where one of the vendors got upset with me because I had the nerve to pick up a plum.

"You'll bruise it!" she shrieked as she grabbed it from my hand.

Needless to say, I didn't buy plums from that kook. Made me wonder what she was hiding. It wasn't like I was mangling the plum, fergawssake.

I don't buy any fruit (or even vegetables, come to think of it) without handling and smelling them. That's my rule and it's gotten me excellent produce.

Congrats on the listing. :)

Ed Bruske said...

Kars, great pics on your blog. Thanks for checking in.

Maureen, there are only a few farmers markets open in winter and Dupont Circle is definitely one of them. If the traffic remains like this, I think you will see more farmers markets open in winter. The demand is certainly there.

lacochran, you can't expect to have a produce stand and not let people touch. Boo to that plum vendor and move on...