Thursday, October 2, 2008


Leftover lamb shoulder chop with Romesco sauce, bulgar with lemon and black olives, smothered okra with corn and diced tomatoes.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Shopping: none

We do love our leftovers, although this does sound like an add combo at first blush--a sort of Mediterranean-Caribbean fusion. In fact, it all went down quite nicely. The okra, of course, is from the garden. The season will soon be over for them, but we couldn't have asked for more from our sturdy band of okra plants. We've stewed them, curried them and pickled them and still they keep coming. What a great vegetable.


Julia said...

This looks fantastic! And I'm totally jealous at your garden's okra production!

Ed Bruske said...

Julia, you may be too far north to have much luck with okra. We're just now starting to see the last of our pods here--the temps are still in the 70s during the day, but the days already are much shorter.