Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eating to Excess

Christmas Day took us to three different locations to feed and I was struck by all the dishes containing meat, cheese, cream, eggs. It is difficult to resist such riches, yet we walk away feeling overfed and ready for a long nap. Has it always been thus?

Finally we arrived at the home of sister Linda and brother-in-law Tom who had prepared something completely beyond our Christmas traditions: a all-Thai dinner. Spring rolls with dips and Champagne. Then Shrimp in coconut sauce. Curried beef. Pork with basil. Chicken with cashews. And all sorts of luscious wines, starting with a German Riesling that went perfectly with the spicy food.

It was all so fresh and light, we couldn't have been more grateful. Can we call this our new Christmas tradition?


Pam said... all Thai Christmas menu sounds wonderful! I love that they bucked tradition.

Ed Bruske said...

Pam, my sister and her husband make incredible Thai food. We always jump at the chance...