Friday, January 18, 2008


Turkey tetrazzini, reheated in the microwave.

Preparation time: 3 minutes

Shopping: None

But wait! you say. Isn't that the same turkey tetrazzini I made a week ago from our locally-grown, self-butchered, Thanksgiving turkey?

Right you are. And the noodles were handmade too, by my daughter and I. There was a whole pan of it. My wife and I had it for dinner once. The daughter refused (she was really disappointed that we added the turkey and onions and peas and stuff to perfectly fine noodles that would have been delicious just plain--in fact, she had us wash some in the sink.)

Well, the only person around here who likes to eat the same thing more than one day in a row is me. So turkey tetrazzini has been my breakfast for the last week. I don't mind. If it's delicious on day one, it's delicious on days two, three and four, far as I'm concerned. I do the same thing with stews, soups, rice dishes, cooked greens, pizza, you name it.

Any of you others out there belong to this category of secret repeat eater?


Magic Cochin said...

OK Ed, my hands up! Though rarely for 4 days running. I've just had reheated vegetable curry for my lunch - cooked for last night's tea (dinner, supper, whatever you folks call it!), my husband knows he gets a frown from me if he doesn't leave a small portion for my lunch the next day. On Sunday I baked our giant Marina di Chioggio Squash: result - Squash & Date muffins on Sunday/Mon/Tues, Squash soup on Monday/Tues, for lunch I had Pitta Bread stuffed with Squash/Cheese/Nuts on Monday/Tues, and there are 2 containers of cooked Squash in the freezer!

We're being practical Ed!


Matt said...

I am the only person who eat leftovers at my house, so I try to keep them to a minimum. But I've eaten the same thing for all three meals and not had a problem with it. After 10 years it still freaks my wife out when I eat "dinner" food for breakfast.

But that's part of the fun!

eweaston said...

Aren't people supposed to be eating more substantial meals earlier in the day? Who even decided that pasta, the uber-starch, was unsuitable for dinner when cereal, usually coated in sugar at that, was completely fine? It's madness.

Plus, everyone always ooos and ahhs over breakfast for dinner.

I say bravo. I wish I'd had amazing looking tetrazzini for breakfast.

foodperson said...

Oh, yeah. I'm a repeater, but it's no secret!

Pam said...

Oh, I agree, it just gets better and better.

Ed Bruske said...

Celia, some foods just get better and better sitting in the fridge. Curry's one. I'd love to know how you make the squash and date muffins. I make a great sweet potato muffin, but I've never tried squash.

Matt, my wife and daughter both seem to worship at the altar of things different all the time. Me, I think life is a whole lot simpler through repetition. Guess that makes me very boring.

Eweaston, we probably have our coroporate breakfast cereal makers to thank for making breakfast such a forgettable meal. In other cultures, they eat plenty of good, hearty fare in the morning. I love Vietnamese pho, German sausages, Mexican chilaquilles.

Janet, if you keep making risotto like you do, it wouldn't be hard at all repeating for breakfast.

Pam, glad to hear your one of the club.