Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thanks for the Mention, Washington Post

Today's Food section in The Washington Post wraps its arms around the whole hullabaloo over safe, wholesome food and in the process mentions a few websites that are championing the real versus the nasty in the food world.

Consumers are looking for sources they can trust, and increasingly are turning to farmers markets, retailers such as Whole Foods and bloggers such as Ethicurean, Grist, More Deliberately Every Day and...and...The Slow Cook.

Huh? Us?

Well, I could think of a number of worthy candidates. How about Sam Fromartz over at the Chews Wise blog? Or David Gumpert, whose brilliant posts on The Complete Patient have been illuminating the debate over raw milk.

Anyway, we are flattered to be included in such esteemed company and will continue to fight the good fight.

Right, Bonnie?


Candy said...

Glad to see some others in the DC Metro area interested in sustainable eating!

Joanna said...

Well done ... they're right :)

and thanks for the links


Ted said...

I have not read the article, but is there any mention of people harvesting wild game? This seems to be a very often overlooked way to get local organic meat, and in many cases, help with overpopulation problems.

onestraw said...

Congrats Ed!
Grist got nothin on you!

Ed Bruske said...

Candy, I just attended a forum for DC gardeners this morning. It was standing room only. Lots of people here interested in sustainable food. It's a groundswell.

Joanna, I've got so many links. I'm a collector. Some day I'll have to sit down and weed through them, organize them more sensibly.

Ted, that particular article did not mention hunting. But I've seen more and more interest in hunting as a sustainable source of food. Why not? Isn't that what humans did before they started farming? Maybe foraging would be a better term. There are even people who specialize in road kill.

Rob, you've been writing some great posts. Thoughtful, cogent, informative. I don't know where you find the time, but I'm glad you do.