Monday, January 21, 2008

Farmers Market Deep Freeze

There was a noticeable thinning of vendors and customers at the Dupont Circle farmers market as temperatures dipped into the low 20s. Everyone was bundled up against the cold. Even the vegetables were wearing their heaviest woollies.

You have to feel for vendors forced to stand for several hours when the wind is trying to bite off your ears. But some of us just have to have our weekly fresh yogurt fix. Me included.

I stopped by FreshMeadows, one of my favorite meat purveyors, for some pork shoulder. I have in mind a slow-cooked sugo for pasta later in the week. No pork shoulder here, I settled for ground pork. I should have known there would be several other vendors elsewhere in the market happy to sell me pork shoulder.

There are still fresh vegetables to be had in the middle of January. They've been covered with heavy mover's pads to keep them from freezing. One thing to be said for the cold: You don't have to wait in line to pay for your purchases.


Anonymous said...

You didn't resist that savoy cabbage, did you?


ramona said...

I have to admit, I kept myself inside all day on Sunday and didn't make it to the market. I need a good cheese and bread fix so I'm sure to head back this weekend.

CityGirl said...

I haven't been able to find parsnips at any of the stores so I'm hoping the market will have them.

Ed Bruske said...

El, I passed on the cabbage because the last time I made one I was the only one in the house who wanted to eat it. Go figure. I have some escarole that I need to deal with first. But it is a lovely cabbage, I agree.

Ramona, I have not gotten into the cheese and bread, but I am a huge fan of the yogurt.

CG, now that you mention it, I snagged the last bag of parsnips at Whole Foods the other day. That's a pretty standard item--I would give up on the local groceries. But they had gorgeous parsnips at the Dupont Circle market two weeks ago. I wasn't looking for them this week.

ramona said...

Escarole is lovely in soup. Escarole soup with mini meatballs is sooo good.
Ed, have you tried braised cabbage? Savoy in particular. I made a braised savoy cabbage with St. Marcelin Cheese that I bet anyone would eat, even kids. It was truly a treat.

ramona said...

Here's the recipe:

Ed Bruske said...

Ramona, I love braised cabbage but this and other recipes like it are broadening my view of braised cabbage. I want to try it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed: one of my favorite ways to eat cabbage is to steam it and toss it with some cubed potatoes that've been steamed then browned in brown butter. Add a pinch or two of Balti or curry seasoning and yum. Everyone eats it.
--yours in cabbage, El.