Monday, March 31, 2008

D.C. in Bloom

Daughter and I took a walk to the farmers market at Dupont Circle yesterday and found spring busting out all over.

There was a canopy of blossoms over the sidewalks.

The star magnolias beg you to stop and admire.

These daffodils were ready to make an escape.

This fellow found a quiet place to sit and to watch the world go by.

There are places along Rock Creek Parkway where the hillsides are solid daffodils. These made a pleasing arrangement in a yard along our route.

It's been a cooler than usual spring so far in the District of Columbia, but that hasn't kept anyone away from the farmers market.

The crocuses have already passed. The tulips have set their buds. The pansies are a riot of exotic colors.

Forsythia comes out in a blaze, then retires for the rest of the year.

A flower vendor recently set up shop outside the Whole Foods. His display was right in step with everything else that's blooming

General Winfield Scott, whose statue stands in the aptly named "Scott Circle," was known as "Old Fuss and Feathers" and served as a general longer than any man in U.S. history. This is looking south down 16th Street toward the White House.

Did you know that the 582,000 inhabitants of the District of Columbia (more than the state of Wyoming and almost as many as Vermont and North Dakota)--although we are required to pay taxes like other Americans--have no voting representation in Congress? Isn't that why we fought a revolution?

Our license plate reads, "Taxation Without Representation." But folks from the rest of the country still love to visit this time of year when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.


Pattie said...

Hey, Ed, I wrote about the cherry blossoms today also (but in Atlanta)!

the daughter said...

you didnt put the one i took on here!

Ed Bruske said...

Pattie, I saw your post. Lovely!

Daughter, I liked your photo, it just didn't work in this particular blog post. Let's do more!