Monday, June 16, 2008


Whole wheat couscous with grilled chicken and green grapes, left over from making client meals.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Shopping: none

There are more traditional and elaborate ways of making couscous but we just let it make itself. Pour boiling water to cover the couscous in a mixing bowl, then cover with a tight-fitting lid. Wait till the couscous absorbs all the water.

This dish would be a perfect way to use leftovers from a roasted chicken. Just tear up the meat and stir it into the couscous. Add halved green grapes and just about anything else you like. Here you see sauteed red bell pepper and red onions. I could easily see chopped parsley or mint in this dish. You could also add nuts: almonds, walnuts, etc. Season with extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar or lemon juice, salt to taste.

Our local health food store sells whole wheat couscous (Whole Foods used to as well, until they got more corporate). But if you can't find whole wheat, conventional couscous, quinoa or millet would work just as easily.

We love our whole grains.


Jeena said...

This looks really tasty I love couscous. Have you ever tried bulgar wheat Ed?

Ed Bruske said...

Jeena, we love bulgur as well, especially in taboulleh this time of year with fresh parsley and mint.