Friday, June 27, 2008

First Potatoes

Our friends Emma, Lucy and Asher came over for lunch yesterday. Since kids are always looking for something fun to do, we took them into the garden to see if there was anything ready to harvest. They pulled some radishes. Then we wandered over to the potato bed. Was there anything happening under the surface we should know about?

A turn of the forked spade revealed the bottom of one potato plant covered with spuds. What a great surprise!

These are what you would call new potatoes. We planted them March 18. In a little more than three months they are just big enough to eat. The largest still fit easily in the palm of my hand.

They cleaned up very nicely, our first potatoes. They have an especially vibrant flavor, coming right out of the ground. But the real satisfaction is knowing we could harvest them in our own kitchen garden in the District of Columbia, about a mile from the White House.

We boiled them, then tossed them in butter. They made a delicious lunch.


Laura said...

So jealous. I was looking at mine yesterday trying to determine how much longer to wait before looking for new potatoes. They've only been in for 60 days though, still too soon I think.

Glad you enjoyed them!

Christine said...

Wow, those are gorgeous! Then again, I'm told I've never met a tater I didn't like. But those looks look as rosy as healthy children's cheeks.