Friday, June 13, 2008

Hot on Top

My wife hates to see men with their shirts off.

"Who wants to look at your big, fat, hairy belly?" she grouses.

But when it gets hot, men think nothing of stripping down to their shorts. And not just gardeners. On the running trails all over town, men are huffing and puffing and sweating bare-chested for God and everybody to see. You never hear a peep about it.

Some people eschew gardening altogether because they can't stand the heat. Me, I do most of my summertime gardening very early in the morning. But sometimes you just can't help working outdoors in full sun. Out of deference to my wife, what I do is change shirts frequently. On sunny days, when I'm working up a sweat, it's not unusual to see a long line of my shirts hanging out to dry.

That's okay for guys, it seems. But I've always been curious: what does the female species do to cope with the heat? You rarely see women tearing their tops off to get cool. It hardly seems fare. I hate to think what it must be like under all that clothing. Is this where gardening separates the boys from the girls?


Catofstripes said...

Dare I admit this? If it gets hot, and I'm not doing anything too dangerous with nettles or brambles I just take that top off. But then I do live a long way from anywhere else...

Leslie said...

You say that you rarely see women tearing their tops off to get cool as if we have a choice in that matter most of the time! I envy the previous poster who lives somewhere that she can get away with going topless. This country sexualizes women's breasts to an absurd degree (not to mention that they would also freak out at the idea of seeing middle-aged boobs like mine), which forces us by law to keep our shirts on even if we're sweat-drenched and miserable. Not to get way too TMI on you, but at least I'm finally at that certain age where I couldn't give a rat's tail if someone can tell that I really "should" be wearing a bra for the appropriate look, but instead I'm out there letting them swing free under the loosest thinnest t-shirt I can get away with. I mean, c'mon, can you imagine wearing a snug band around your chest when it's a tear-your-shirt-off day?

Are you sorry now that you asked what women do, and indirectly asked what we think of this topic? *grin*

Pattie said...

Bathing suit, Ed.

Ramona said...

Tip-put a couple bottles of water in the freezer. Take them out when you garden (or for me, go to the hot markets). Place a bottle or two in your shorts pocket and the ice will cool your core temp. down a bit, being right on the femoral artery.
Same goes for a ziploc full of ice cubes, but the water-you drink as it melts to hydrate.
Get a colpac (soft gel pack kept in the freezer)and put it in a cooler. Place it on you abdomen to bring down your body temp as needed. Bring an ace wrap because sometimes you might just want to strap it on!!
As for clothing, I'm ok with a sleeveless shirt. If it has any type of sleeve at all-it gets rolled all the way up. I just can't stand my arms covered. Having the shirt made with a wicking material helps too.

Skud said...

We overheat. That's why it's called oppression ;)

Ed Bruske said...

COS, that's a brave admission, but makes abundant sense.

Leslie, I can take whatever you can dish out. This is all about an unflinching look at how people handle the heat, no sexism involved.

Pattie, I like the idea of a bathing suit, then dashing through the sprinkler.

Ramona, I love the scientific approach. This puts a whole new twist on things.

Skud, that sounds so bleak. I am feeling your pain.

Pattie said...

Ed; Yes, the sprinkler has been the solution other years. However, we can't use them here now because of the drought!

Meg Wolff said...

This post and comments made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

Great Big Veg challenge said...

We come indoors and direct the bare-chested men folk from our seats.
( In our dreams that is)

Ed Bruske said...

Pattie, our drought has been solved by a very wet, cool spring.

Meg, some of the comments have made me laugh as well.

Charlotte, apparently you have the same issues there as we do over here--men strutting around with no clothes on.